Wednesday, 25 April 2012

What's A Corporate Video?

A corporate video is a sales video made for the larger businesses and companies. Importantly, it focuses on  the branding of a company's identity rather than focusing on selling a product as in a sales video or sales video letter. 

Check this slideshare presentation here on why getting a corporate video produced for your business is essential. Click here

Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Power Of New Media Tools and Why You Need To Take Advantage

Slideshare is something I have recently discovered and I'm saddened that I didn't discover it any earlier.

In brief, Slideshare is about sharing your powerpoint presentations, PDFs and videos where it is viewable to the public. People can link to your presentation and download it as well. 

It definately is an effective marketing stragety because many users are jumping on board daily. It will become the new Youtube for documents. What an innovative idea!

Check this one out on business sales video marketing and its importance

Monday, 9 April 2012

Want More Business? Work On Your Relationship Status

Whether you own an offline or online business, the fundamental principles of business still applies. Building relationship is key! This may mean that you have a good relationship with other businesses in all different fields, have a relationship with your existing customers and have a relationship with people who don't even know your brand. So, why is building relationships so important for your business?

Building a relationship with other businesses: if your company communicates with other companies outside your field in a friendly manner as so to only offer value, this plays a significant role because, if that company happens to have a client that requires your skills, the other business will think of you. Referrals is the number one strategy of getting you loyal customers who TRUST your brand.

Building a relationship with your existing customers: offering good solid customer service is vital because once you give your customer a reason to complain, you could lose a valuable customer. This customer may have stayed on with you for 10 years and give you continuing income. Further, a reason to complain means that they can quickly tell their friends immediately, especially with the power of social media nowadays. Slowly, your brand will seem unreliable and untrustworthy.


Building a relationship with people who do not know your brand: this is where you need to convey to these potential customers that your brand is the brand they should buy from. How do you do this? You should have testimonials. Testimonials is prove for your new visitors to see your quality work, that an existing customer has been immensely satisfied with your work. If you are starting out in the business game, get a testimonial and portfolio built up.  Offer to a few clients to do or buy your service at a very reduced price to prove that you can do high quality work. Here, you will get your first testimonial. Next is to get an animated corporate video produced so that you can convey your message of your brand directly and instantly to your new visitor instead of them having to read slabs of writing on your page. These days, people are busy and are on the constant move and hence they barely stay at your website for more than a minute, let alone reading lots of text to fully understand what your product is about. Hence, when a new visitor lands on your page, a business corporate video will instantly hook and engage them before they can even think of bouncing from your site.

To get an animated corporate video made for your business,
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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sites That Have Engaging Sales Videos

Here are some sites which have a very good sales video for their business:

Stylish Mobile Site

Google Mobile Ad

Getting Business Online

What To Look Out For When Getting A Sales Video Produced

So when looking for a sales video, why and what should you be looking for so that you are getting value for your buck? Because let’s face it, there are some pretty bad ones out there haha

- Ensure that your video has colour, vibrancy, a direct call to action and HIGHLY engaging with graphics and typography.  

Imagine a professional voiceover, catchy jingle...Actually don’t even bother imagining, see it live right here. You can now see how captivating and inspiring a video peppered with the right script, voice and jingle can hook your customers instantly and tell them to take action. The video is your 24 hours 7 days a week sales consultant. The best thing is, you don't have to pay them a dime for them being there all day making you richer. Just smile and be happy.

- Make sure that the video production team you are choosing understand the importance of showcasing your brand to represent your personality. 

Branding your product is important for your business. Think about the world's top brands. People associate these brands with positive connotations. So, if your business doesn't represent what you have to offer, then you are selling yourself short. You are not presenting your best self, rather a dull and boring one which doesn't stand out from your competitiors. How can you "rebrand" your business, make sure that your digital presentations whether it be a website, television commercial or radio advertisement need to portray your personality? For a website, get one that looks like you are the best in your competition. How can you achieve this? Just ensure the layout, colours and graphics look very professional. If you don't know how to do this, consider outsourcing. Of course, a promotional video on the home page is a great way to rebrand and directly convey to the potential customer your brand image. It removes the static element of just pictures and words on your site. You can get one tailored specifically to your website here where you just provide your vision and the team will do the rest.

- Why a good VoiceOver is essential to your sales video
Building a relationship and offering value to your customers is crucial to any business strategy. With good relationships comes loyalty and word of mouth referrals. With a video on your site, this can increase the buyer's trust in your site because a good voiceover on the video can quickly establish rapport as if it was talking to the visitor. This is undoubtedly significant because online shoppers are scared of scams. They want honesty, trust and reliability. Before a visitor decides to buy, they think about the possibility of your service being unreliable and unsure of what happens next when they buy. They are entering the unknown, hence a voiceover can instruct the potential buyer what will happen and assure that your service is reliable and not another Internet scam. And indeed, a catchy jingle will add a nice touch to any video.

Be The Leader In Your Market

Hi guys,

This post will be long but please bear with me because I know it will be worth your time if you are really interested in wanting to know how to make more profit with your online business.

So, I run an online store in a good niche which was doing okay but I wasn't getting the conversions I wanted. I couldn't figure out why and so I read many business books about online sales. However, I came across articles online that said using a sales video was effective. I really needed to get sales to pay the month’s rent so I took a gamble. I shopped around for many video production team and most didn't offer the sales video I wanted. I wanted a clean, elegant yet creative video. Something that had personality and was animated with typography as I was engaged by some of the samples I have seen online. So I came across a video production team called Punchy Sales Videos that did everything from script production, voice over, music and video creation. 

With a sales video, I saw my conversions double in a week. I was pumped and so motivated to keep working and progressing my business. I think the reason why it was so effective was the power of the sales video to be really engaging and with a high calibre video, it makes your online business appear VERY professional, reliable and a LARGE corporation if you are only a one man team haha. On my video I was able to persuade visitors why they should buy from me because I highlighted the benefits of the product in the video. It really hit home the message I wanted to convey.

Making direct sales from a promotional sales video will be a prominent thing of the future. It is one that is, however, evolving very fast, and businesses yet to have a sales video on their home page should quickly jump on the steaming express train that is online digital power. If your business doesn’t have a lazy half a million dollars to spend on a television advertisement, an online sales video which can be uploaded on YouTube, vimeo and other video hosting sites can target millions of people, rather that just a tv ad targeting your local customers. Your customers are not just living in your suburb now, they can be in the north pole for all we know, if they had Internet there of course.

I understand myself how hard it is to market a business these days, however the problem is that today's marketing strategies don't work as effectively nowadays to get visitors to press on the coveted buy now button as seen on your landing page. Long winded sales scripts, stats and figures are a thing of the past. We want conversions. We could have a million visitors but no sales made. However, enter: a sales video to promote your product and brand which can see your sales skyrocket.

You can learn more about why a sales video is potent for your business here and why you should be getting one now.