Monday, 9 April 2012

Want More Business? Work On Your Relationship Status

Whether you own an offline or online business, the fundamental principles of business still applies. Building relationship is key! This may mean that you have a good relationship with other businesses in all different fields, have a relationship with your existing customers and have a relationship with people who don't even know your brand. So, why is building relationships so important for your business?

Building a relationship with other businesses: if your company communicates with other companies outside your field in a friendly manner as so to only offer value, this plays a significant role because, if that company happens to have a client that requires your skills, the other business will think of you. Referrals is the number one strategy of getting you loyal customers who TRUST your brand.

Building a relationship with your existing customers: offering good solid customer service is vital because once you give your customer a reason to complain, you could lose a valuable customer. This customer may have stayed on with you for 10 years and give you continuing income. Further, a reason to complain means that they can quickly tell their friends immediately, especially with the power of social media nowadays. Slowly, your brand will seem unreliable and untrustworthy.


Building a relationship with people who do not know your brand: this is where you need to convey to these potential customers that your brand is the brand they should buy from. How do you do this? You should have testimonials. Testimonials is prove for your new visitors to see your quality work, that an existing customer has been immensely satisfied with your work. If you are starting out in the business game, get a testimonial and portfolio built up.  Offer to a few clients to do or buy your service at a very reduced price to prove that you can do high quality work. Here, you will get your first testimonial. Next is to get an animated corporate video produced so that you can convey your message of your brand directly and instantly to your new visitor instead of them having to read slabs of writing on your page. These days, people are busy and are on the constant move and hence they barely stay at your website for more than a minute, let alone reading lots of text to fully understand what your product is about. Hence, when a new visitor lands on your page, a business corporate video will instantly hook and engage them before they can even think of bouncing from your site.

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  1. I agree 100% about creating a sales video to help increase sales. I plan on putting one together very soon.. thanks for the post.

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