Sunday, 8 April 2012

Be The Leader In Your Market

Hi guys,

This post will be long but please bear with me because I know it will be worth your time if you are really interested in wanting to know how to make more profit with your online business.

So, I run an online store in a good niche which was doing okay but I wasn't getting the conversions I wanted. I couldn't figure out why and so I read many business books about online sales. However, I came across articles online that said using a sales video was effective. I really needed to get sales to pay the month’s rent so I took a gamble. I shopped around for many video production team and most didn't offer the sales video I wanted. I wanted a clean, elegant yet creative video. Something that had personality and was animated with typography as I was engaged by some of the samples I have seen online. So I came across a video production team called Punchy Sales Videos that did everything from script production, voice over, music and video creation. 

With a sales video, I saw my conversions double in a week. I was pumped and so motivated to keep working and progressing my business. I think the reason why it was so effective was the power of the sales video to be really engaging and with a high calibre video, it makes your online business appear VERY professional, reliable and a LARGE corporation if you are only a one man team haha. On my video I was able to persuade visitors why they should buy from me because I highlighted the benefits of the product in the video. It really hit home the message I wanted to convey.

Making direct sales from a promotional sales video will be a prominent thing of the future. It is one that is, however, evolving very fast, and businesses yet to have a sales video on their home page should quickly jump on the steaming express train that is online digital power. If your business doesn’t have a lazy half a million dollars to spend on a television advertisement, an online sales video which can be uploaded on YouTube, vimeo and other video hosting sites can target millions of people, rather that just a tv ad targeting your local customers. Your customers are not just living in your suburb now, they can be in the north pole for all we know, if they had Internet there of course.

I understand myself how hard it is to market a business these days, however the problem is that today's marketing strategies don't work as effectively nowadays to get visitors to press on the coveted buy now button as seen on your landing page. Long winded sales scripts, stats and figures are a thing of the past. We want conversions. We could have a million visitors but no sales made. However, enter: a sales video to promote your product and brand which can see your sales skyrocket.

You can learn more about why a sales video is potent for your business here and why you should be getting one now.


  1. well its not long as i thought of it but i must say it worth reading all.
    its true that Marketing efforts are not as much effective as they were because the competition has gone way more vast and people look around more and buy less. But one must not give up on marketing his/her products.

    ~SBA 7a

  2. Good point made Aansy and thanks for the comment :)

  3. its real that marketing attempts are not as much efficient as they were because the competitors has gone way more wide and individuals look around more and buy less. But one must not quit on marketing his/her items.

    Business to Business Sales

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